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Robert B. (US)
Great for Variation

Solid and ergonomic design. Adaptable for many uses.

Philip M. (US)
Almost perfect.

The bars are lightweight and generally easy to assemble. The only downside is that they get wobbly at higher weight and more complex techniques. I went from a tuck to an l-sit and on of the bar’s legs came out of socket and I fell. It might be better unweighted and with more skill on my part, but that’s what happened to me.

Sammy R. (FR)
Good but...

nanobars are very good! Practical, functional... but fragile if you weigh it heavy! to think about for the next

akira R. (US)
It works great!

I love using them.

Justin M. (US)
Pretty good, BUT……

Ok, so after 20 days or so I can say that I like these parallettes pretty well. Ive used them multiple times for different exercises without issue. As other reviewers have also mentioned I do not see myself doing any exercise where my feet are grounded somewhere as the bars do have some wiggle when assembled. After enough work, the comfort level with the wiggle grows but not enough to risk a head injury. Definitely a keeper for me for portability and functionality, just tread with caution if you’re looking to plan on doing any ungrounded work.