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Barbarian Bundle

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Embrace the power of the ancients with the "Barbarian Bundle"

Ideal for the modern-day Spartans, this comprehensive bundle is meticulously designed to elevate your training regime, echoing the relentless spirits of legendary warriors.

5-item bundle contains:

  • 1x Adjustamace
  • 2x Adjustaclub
  • 2x EZ-BELL


4-item bundle contains:

      • 1x Adjustamace
      • 2x Adjustaclub
      • 1x EZ-BELL
    • 3-item bundle contains:

          • 1x Adjustamace
          • 2x Adjustaclub




We want you to reach your fitness goals, enjoy your life and feel healthy. The last thing we want is to create more stress in your life, so if you decide this item is not for you we'll be happy to give you a no-hassle, no-questions-asked 100% refund.


Customer Reviews

Based on 230 reviews
Jalen G. (US)
New favorite tool

Great addition to the toolkit for people who love free weights. This along with adjustable dumbbells or kettlebells is all you need at home. Saves a ton of space.

bene c. (US)
Game changer if you are in martial arts

Recently jumped back in BJJ, I was looking for options to. Rebuild my grip strength, being an already experienced Kettlebell user I explored and came across clubs.

Kensui AdjustaClubs are the perfect solution for grip and shoulder strengthening. This cost efficient approach makes it great to build up your strength and the design keeps everything in place. Picture is shown with 10# concrete plates but have since switched to low profile plates. Both are great and the distribution of weight makes it a forearm crusher once you get flowing.

Matthew F. (GB)
Great pieces of kit

I brought the pull up handles the v2's, the weight vest and mace, all good quality and delivered quickly, they have brought variety to my workouts, would definitely buy and use this company and thier products again.


An excellent Mace, handle width is perfect and well finished.

Tim K. (US)
A club that is like a mace

I’ve been looking for a plate-loaded club, but metal ones a very expensive. This is much more affordable.

The wood handle is surprisingly nice to work with. I find I don’t need chalk, even on days I do need it with kettlebells.

Compared to a standard club, the center of mass is much further from the hands. This makes the club have a nice backswing on the 360/shield-cast, more like a mace. It also makes pullovers rather harder, both in getting them started and catching them.

Given the length, I’m not sure I could use a 10 lbs plate without hitting my back. Even the 5 lbs is wider than a standard club, and required a change in technique.